Privacy policy:

The privacy policy is sufficient to explain how and our affiliates use your personal information from the time you start using our website till the delivery of your ordered item. The privacy policy is applied on every user who uses our website, whereas making a purchase is not only where privacy policy applies. It applies to every user using our website. Whether you are using our website through mobile phone application, touch technologies, social media platforms, through laptop or pc or through any other means which is under our control or affiliated; the privacy policy is therefore applied in each and every case. For terms and conditions regarding this usage, you can preview the terms and conditions clearly stated and available on our website. While using our services and website, we assume that you agree with our terms and conditions and take in count of our privacy policy and do not exploit any of these. If you disagree with the privacy policy and do not want your information to be used by us as the procedure stated under, you may not provide us with the information and you are subjected not to use our service by disagreeing.
Another point being very clear is that we have a full right to change, alter, cut or delete any clause from our privacy policy and terms and conditions and the website is not responsible to inform or to give any prior notice to any user. If necessary to be informed, we will notify you on the given registered e-mail address or on the banner or news portal on our website.

The privacy policy states above clauses:

  • What are the Types of information collected?
  • How is the information collected and how is it used?
  • When and where is the information disclosed?

What are the types of information collected?

The types of information collected by includes the identification information that is your name, address, e-mail address, social network name, contact number and other contacting details and addresses where you are able to communicate and get in touch with our services. Moreover, your demographic information such as your birthday, your age, your gender etc are identified. Additionally, your geographical information based on your location is examined and seen, the state/province, city, country, neighbourhood and your exact location while utilizing the GPS technology is used so that we are able to target you with the available brands and products within your region/city. Furthermore, your financial information is used to analyze the process of payment, your debit or credit card number, its validation and expiry for understanding your participation. Lastly, your internet and activity information is studied so that we know your interests and likes, information regarding your browsing history, your interactions, advertisements viewed and other data from cookies, tags and beacons is retrieved.

How is the information collected and how is it used?

The information is somehow directly collected by you, by your device, through your browser, cookies, cache, from your location and social media accounts. First form is the direct information that you submit to us such as when you view a product or coupon, you make a purchase and submit your personal information to us such as your name, address, e-mail address, contact number and shipping details. You submit your information to get updated about future offers too. Other information you add voluntarily into any comment, posting, review etc are also used to notify you about latest deals and coupons. Other information is also collected through the device you use our website from. It includes the amount of time you spend on our website, your device type, language you interact in, cookies and beacons through your browser is studied and analyzed to improve this part. Similar technologies are used to identify your search history, interests, likes and subscriptions to target you with the level of your interests. The GPS functionality in your device enables us to detect your location and geographical data which is useful for us to target you in many ways.
Coming to the usage of your given or our taken information. The information is used in terms of operating daily activities, for monitoring activities and for targeting you with exciting coupons, promotions, discounts and codes. The information is used to understand the insights so that we can improve our features and functionality. The information is also used for fulfilling the transaction requirements such as for delivering goods and services and for tracking the shipment. Moreover, your information is used to reply to your comments and queries. Conducting consumer research is the most crucial part of any business, therefore, your information is used for research and survey purposes. Advertising effectiveness is an important part too and your information is highly used for practicing advertisement and to target you with the products and services of your interest. Lastly, we use your information to inform and notify you about latest offerings, changes to our website and events planned in collaboration with our partnered brands.

When and where is the information disclosed?

The information is disclosed in order to bind with the legal law orders and regulations in terms of operating and supporting the auditing governance. The information is furthermore disclosed to the employees who perform the data storage and managing emails and functions of our business. The information is used by and shared with our affiliates and partners to govern the transaction process and they are responsible and binded with our agreement that your confidentiality remains constant and your privacy is retained. For re-identifying your information, when we cannot recognize and identify you, your information is shared with our analyst and experts to retrieve your data when we want to communicate with you. Your information is lastly disclosed to our marketers, data analysts, data managers, resellers, advertising agencies, distributors, payment providers, government and law enforcement agencies, delivery and logistics management, internet service providers and fraud protection units. is responsible to maintain your privacy and makes sure that your information is not misused and sold to any other part